Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

Virtual Mentorship Program


Virtual Mentorship Program

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium is a U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force sponsored STEM competition for 9-12th grade students in the United States and at international DoDEA schools to conduct original research. The Virtual Mentorship Program has mentors from  diverse backgrounds and experiences including U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force Scientist and Engineers, STEM professionals, educators, and academic researchers. Virtual Mentors answer your research questions, provide support, and feedback on the JSHS virtual mentoring platform Chronus.


Who Can Participate?

Students must be registered at their regional JSHS competition as a participant. A participant is any student starting a research project with the intention of submitting their research at the regional JSHS competition.


Why Virtual Mentors?

Virtual mentoring connects students and mentors online so that all students have the same opportunity to benefit from mentorship.  Through virtual mentorship, we can provide enriching experiences for students as they connect to mentors from many different STEM backgrounds and experiences.  Virtual mentoring is flexible- you and your mentor work together to decide what is the best time and way to connect through Chronus.


What Can Virtual Mentors Do?

  • Share their personal expertise and advice to help guide and encourage you throughout your research.
  • Support your research efforts through mentorship, using Chronus.
  • Provide assistance and feedback on your original research concepts.
  • Inspire you to challenge yourself and explore STEM career possibilities.

What is Chronus?

Chronus is a virtual mentoring platform that houses the JSHS virtual mentorship program. Through Chronus, you will be able to:

  • View mentor profiles and find mentor matches based off of shared interests.
  • Connect with mentors for flash ( short) or longer term mentoring throughout the JSHS competition year.
  • Message, share files, and work towards common goals with mentors.
  • Receive valuable resources that help you get the most out of your mentorships.
  • Set up virtual meetings, ask questions, and manage your mentorships online or through the Chronus app.


How Do I Sign Up?:


Already Have A Mentor?

Some students will already have a mentor that they are working with locally.  You can still use Chronus to connect with additional mentors or have your local mentor sign up to connect with you on Chronus to access the great features offered. Please note that ALL mentors must complete a background check through JSHS before they are given access to Chronus.


Have questions? Reach out to us at info@JSHS.org!