Teachers & Mentors

Teachers and mentors are essential to the JSHS program, encouraging students to explore STEM opportunities and guiding them through the research process. JSHS connects talented students to teachers and STEM professionals in order to broaden the pool of future researchers prepared to conduct the research and development vital to our nation.

Teachers & Mentors Regional Competition

By participating in the Regional and National Symposium, teachers and mentors will:

  • Participate in a forum honoring exceptional work in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and support personal and professional growth of young adults and themselves.
  • Assist students in developing higher-order thinking skills and integrate learning across disciplines through the process of scientific inquiry, writing a scientific paper, and delivering a presentation - all 21st century skills that will benefit post-secondary and graduate pursuits.
  • Address the attainment and mastery of state and national performance and process skill standards in the sciences, mathematics, and language arts by their students.
  • Network and build resources to support STEM education and career development.

Teacher/Mentor Resources

Students receive many forms of support throughout their research process and their JSHS experience. The following resources may be useful in providing encouragement and assistance to students as they consider and conduct an original science investigation for submission to JSHS.

Get Involved

Are you ready to help your schools become involved in JSHS? Contact your local region for more information on the regional competition.

For more information on the national competition, please contact our national office.