Student Checklist

Invitations to the National JSHS are distributed to the top five finalists in each regional JSHS symposium. The National JSHS will sponsor the full cost of participation for these students. All students are requested to commit to full attendance in the National JSHS and all of its activities prior to accepting the invitation and completing registration.

The following check-list will help students organize and prepare for registration and participation in the National JSHS:

  • RSVP to the Regional JSHS Director to accept or decline the invitation to the National JSHS within 5 days of the regional symposium.
  • Register for the National JSHS.
  • Submit your Abstract, Research Paper, and Statement on Outside Assistance as applicable. *After you submit your registration you will receive an email containing a link and instructions on how to submit your materials.
  • Submit a consent form, requiring the electronic signature of your parent/guardian (if 17 years of age or younger) or your signature (if 18 years of age or older).
  • Locate and obtain, if necessary, any ID required for travel.
  • Continue to work on presentation and practice delivery.