Rules of Competition

Regional symposia follow the National Rules of Competition. Application requirements vary by region. Contact your region for more regional competition details.

Please refer to the complete Rules of Competition for requirements and guidelines for Regional and National JSHS competitions. This document outlines:

  • Schedules and deadlines
  • Rules and guidelines for JSHS Submissions
  • Abstract Preparation
  • Research Paper Preparation
  • Statement of Outside Assistance
  • Eligibility Rules
  • Research Involving Vertebrate Animals and Human Subjects
  • Suggestions to Prepare for the Presentations
  • Requirements for the Oral Presentations
  • Requirements for the Poster Presentations
  • Judging Process & JSHS National Judging Score Sheet*
  • National JSHS Judging Team and Process
  • JSHS Categories of Competition

*The JSHS National Judging Score Sheet is used at the National Symposium.