Poster Presentation Guidelines

Regional delegates not presenting research in the oral session will present their projects in the poster session to compete for cash awards. Poster presentations will be separated into categories of competition and awards will be given in each category. Students will be asked to select their category of competition when they register and selections will be reviewed by the National Judging Committee. The National JSHS staff will organize posters to categories and notify students of their assignments prior to the National Symposium.

All students presenting research in the poster session, must prepare the following:


Please review the Rules of Competition for all details on poster and abstract requirements and presentations that you are expected to meet.

Students will present their research in a poster session to a group of judges.

The judges evaluate the poster and presentation on a set of criteria and rank them accordingly. There will be a separate viewing for peers and guests during the National symposium.

Poster presentations must meet the Poster Presentation Guidelines. Displays must meet the following criteria:

Poster Displays

Materials for the poster may be pre-printed or hand written and may be attached to a tri-fold board as one large sheet or in pieces. Posters for competition must include and or meet the following standards:

  • Tri-fold poster boards will be provided and will be available for participating students when they arrive at the National JSHS. Other materials that will be provided include staplers, stick pins, double sided tape, clips, markers and scissors. The poster ready, printed materials must fit within the dimensions of the poster board.
  • Poster board dimensions are 36" high x 48" wide. The poster board includes two folds; fold dimensions are 12” x 24” x 12”.
  • Header boards are allowed and must be no larger than 10” high x 36” wide. The Header board should only contain a title. Header boards are not provided by JSHS.
  • Tables will be supplied.
  • Posters should be readable from a distance of 4 feet.
  • The Title should be at least one inch (72 pts) in height. The student’s name and regional should be included and should be (48 pts). All other lettering should be in 24-point font size. (Point size indicated above is suggested size only).
  • The poster should be balanced and organized in a logical, sequential order.
  • Keep the amount of text to a minimum.
  • There should be more emphasis on graphics, tables, charts, and graphs. These items should be cited on the poster board.
  • Photographs in addition to other illustrations may be used. Figures may be in color.
  • No hazardous materials are allowed. No laptops, tablets or other electronic devices are to be used. No specimens, no apparatus, no chemical reagents, no models are to be used during the presentation. Only printed material, affixed to the poster, will be allowed for the poster presentation.
  • All materials must be prepared (printed) and “poster ready” in advance of arriving at National and ready to be tacked onto the poster board. Printers will not be available.


For more a complete list of requirements and guidelines, please refer to the Rules of Competition.