Oral Presentation Guidelines

The top two finalists from each regional symposium will present their research in the oral session to compete for military-sponsored undergraduate, tuition scholarships. Presentations will be separated into categories of competition and awards will be given in each category. Students will be asked to select their category of competition when they register and selections will be reviewed by the National Judging Committee. The National JSHS staff will assign presentations and notify students of their session prior to the National Symposium.

  • All students presenting research in the oral session, must prepare the following:
  • Research paper
  • Abstract
  • Timed oral presentation
  • Statement on Outside Assistance


Please review the Rules of Competition for details on research paper and abstract preparation and other important details. You are responsible for meeting all criteria set forth in the Rules of Completion.

Students will present their research in oral sessions to a panel of judges, their peers and other guests. The judges evaluate the presentations on a set of criteria and rank them accordingly. More information on the national judging process and judges are included in the Rules of Competition.


Session Timing

The research presentation may not exceed 12 minutes, followed by a maximum 6-minute question period. A session moderator will aid the student speaker in maintaining this schedule and in fielding questions from the audience. The procedure for maintaining the time includes a 10-minute signal for the student, and finally a 12-minute signal. At the 12-minute point, the student speaker must stop the presentation even if he or she has not finished. Following the presentation, the session moderator will ask for audience questions. The speaker may entertain questions while the exchange appears interesting and relevant. Questions intended to harass the student speakers will not be allowed by the session moderator. The speaker should repeat a question before answering so the audience may understand the entire dialogue.


Use of Audio Visuals - Available equipment

Available audio-visual equipment in each session at National includes: (1) LCD projector; (2) projection screen; and (3) a laser pointer. Additionally, PC-based computers will be in each session room configured with Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat. The use of other software requires students to bring their own equipment. Mac users should plan to bring a Mac adapter to plug-in to available equipment.

Equipment operators will not be available in each session. Students should number visuals in sequence so the presenter can easily reshow one. Many times, visuals are re-shown during the questioning period.

For more a complete list of requirements and guidelines, please refer to the Rules of Competition.