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The JSHS tri-services and the Department of Defense have several programs for JSHS students to continue their STEM pursuits through a variety of resources that offer financial support as you enter undergraduate and graduate studies and through your early career stages. We invite you to explore these opportunities AND please share with your friends and teachers.

Army Educational Outreach Programs

The US Army Educational Outreach Programs (AEOP) cross all educational levels from elementary school through undergraduate years. They are also connected with Department of Defense programs for graduate and post-graduate work (see below). A few programs are highlighted below and we encourage you to browse their website:

  • AEOP Apprenticeships: Offered to high school and undergraduate students across the country at participating Army facilities and universities. Please note that some positions are for students with little lab experience while others like SEAP and CQL may be better suited for JSHS students who have extensive research experience. Also check out positions with UNITE, another hands-on program.
  • Scholarships & Awards: These programs will support you as you move through your undergraduate and graduate level programs. There are also travel awards that will cover some or all of your costs to present your research at professional conferences, even as a high school student.
  • Career Resources: AEOP compiled a linked list of US Army careers to give you an overview of the breadth and depth of science and engineering research as civilian and uniformed scientists and engineers.  Find the AEOP Career Guide for 2018 here.

Office of Naval Research

The US Department of the Navy’s Office of Naval Research coordinates multiple programs to support STEM students and professionals along their educational, career, and ongoing professional development paths. Their website outlines all of the programs including:

US Air Force

US Air Force presents programs for K-12 students, undergraduates, graduate students, and career professionals. Their internship programs are compiled in this one-page chart (AFRL Internship-Fellowship Opportunities Table) that links to more information. Some of the highlights of this table include:

Department of Defense STEM Programs

Department of Defense (DoD) STEM website provides an overview and links to the programs listed above along with MUCH MORE information and…

  • Scholarships for each stage of your STEM education
  • Internships specific to many different disciplines from cyber-security to zoology
  • STEM TV to see DoD scientists and engineers talk about and demonstrate their work

PS: For Your Teachers

Please encourage your teachers and mentors to explore these resources too! There are programs for teachers to have their own lab internship / professional development experience. The US Army’s program is RESET. The Office of Naval Research offers grants to education communities (find the contact on the lower right text box). The Air Force Scholars Program gives teachers professional development opportunities.