JSHS 2017 Poster Demo

We extend our congratulations to all of our 56th National JSHS delegates on your outstanding achievements in STEM! In this capacity, you are a representative of your school, state and region. Please be sure to act in such a way that brings pride to your community. In that spirit, we expect all attendees to follow our code of conduct.

Student Delgations & Chaperonage

Each regional delegation is chaperoned by either the JSHS Regional Director or a designated high school teacher. Although we recognize the maturity of the student delegates, adult supervision is provided during off-site tours and throughout the duration of the symposium. Our objective is to provide a positive educational experience for all participants. If disruptive behavior should arise, the chaperones and staff of the National JSHS will make appropriate decisions for the benefit of all participants.

Symposium Rules & Expectations

  • Student delegates are required to attend all sessions and meetings sponsored by the symposium.
  • Student delegates pledge to act in a manner that will contribute to a sense of community among participants and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect for peer group members, contributing researchers from host organizations, chaperones , and hotel and other staff.
  • Student delegates will not depart the symposium site without consent from their chaperone, not another adult chaperone. Chaperones, and their students, are required to sign-out at the JSHS registration desk.
  • Please remember that we are guests of the Delta Hotels Hunt Valley and that we must respect the needs and rights of other guests. In particular, we request quiet after 11:00 pm.
  • In-house curfew is 11:00 p.m.
  • Visitation between delegates’ rooms is strictly prohibited unless approved by a student’s chaperone for a specific purpose.
  • The symposium will not tolerate any unlawful use or possession of drugs or alcoholic beverages. Any student delegate in violation of this rule will be sent home automatically and immediately at his/her own and/or parent’s expense.

Digital / Online Conduct

JSHS encourages all participants to engage in our digital communications through our mobile app and social media accounts. We remind students that your posts are a reflection on your personal reputation, your region, and the JSHS service sponsors. We expect posts and comments contribute to the online conversation in a constructive manner and maintain positive interactions with relevant, respectful, and accurate content. Posts and/or comments may NOT contain:

  • discriminatory, racist, abusive, obscene, inflammatory, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable statements, language or content
  • commercial endorsements or links to sites with intent to purchase, advertise irrelevant content, or solicit action that is not in the spirit of JSHS
  • misleading or false information
  • partisan or political statements
  • apparent spamming or trolling
  • personally identifiable information, such as an e-mail address, home address, or phone number for yourself or others

JSHS staff reserve the right to remove posts and comments that violate this policy as well as block or delete frequent offenders without notice. Students in violation of these expectations may also have their research removed from the symposium and return home before their delegation.

Hotel Room Assignments

Changing room assignments is not allowed! If your parents call or if there is an emergency, we must know where to find you. Please contact the JSHS Information Desk if you have problems with your room assignment and we will be happy to help.

Check-Out & Airport Departures

For check-out, please drop your room key at the front desk. Any incidental expenses incurred during your stay will require payment at the hotel front desk. Please remember your flight times and allow sufficient time to meet the buses which provide transportation to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Telephone Calls

Outgoing long distance calls cannot be made from student rooms; however, incoming calls may be received. Sorry for this inconvenience, but this is necessary to control costs.

Student Paper Sessions

Student finalists representing each of the forty-seven nationwide regional symposia will present their research before the National symposium. Please see the schedule, enclosed in your registration package, for details on the student presenters, their research, and the timing for each presentation and session. You are welcome to move freely between sessions, but please do so quietly and with respect for the speakers.

Program Dress

Suitable business attire is the recommended dress for the National JSHS. Uniform for military personnel is as follows: Navy, Service Uniform; Army, blue Army Service uniform (previously Class A); Air Force, same.

For civilian STEM personnel: Suitable business attire includes: 1) for men, jacket or sweater, shirt with collar, slacks; 2) for women, attire is comparable. Jeans are not acceptable.

For Students: The dress for the National JSHS is business casual. Remember you will be networking with senior STEM personnel throughout the National JSHS.

Comfortable, closed-toe walking shoes are recommended for the tours of laboratories.