Excerpts - Paper Submissions and Competition Deadlines

Sample Papers

Oral Presentation Tips

Selected Articles -
Conducting Research

Participation Guidelines

Research papers must be prepared and oral presentations must be delivered according to the National JSHS--Program Fact Sheet and Guidelines for Students -- pdf

The paper must be accompanied by

  • an abstract
  • Statement on Outside Assistance - pdf

Poster Guidelines

The 55th National JSHS will feature poster presentations delivered by all student delegates who are not presenting in oral sessions.

See poster session guidelines -- PDF document

Excerpts - Paper submissions and competition deadlines

Abstract requirements and guidelines - html
Research paper requirements and guidelines - html

National Judge's Score sheet -pdf

Oral presentation tips

Guidelines for Powerpoint presentations - pdf
Article, Tips on preparing your presentation for JSHS (Student presenter and National JSHS winner) - pdf
Article, Tips for oral presentations (Hawaii JSHS) pdf

Sample Papers

Arun Thottumkara, a first place finalist in both the 2003 Illinois JSHS and National JSHS, has given permission to post his paper, "Oxidation of Benzyl...Esters Using a Novel Hypervalent Iodine Reagent"

Selected articles - Conducting research

Guidelines for preparation and presentation of student research -- llinois JSHS (This is a comprehensive resource for organizing and preparing a research investigation and report) - pdf

Article, How to write a research paper (Alaska JSHS) (This is a short article for organizing and preparing a research investigation and report) - pdf

Article, Review of types of research (i.e. observational, experimental) -- Pacific JSHS - pdf


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