Getting Involved in JSHS

How to participate?

JSHS regional symposia invite the participation of all high school students who have completed an original research investigation in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics, to apply to the regional symposium and vie for awards and recognition, including the opportunity to advance to the National symposium. All students in grades 9-12, enrolled in public, private, or home schools within the area served by the JSHS regional symposium are eligible. Investigations reporting on experimental, field, observational, or applied research are eligible. While review or library research is a part of the research process, these investigations alone are not appropriate. (See Guidelines section for additional descriptive information.)

Interested students and their teachers are encouraged to contact the JSHS regional symposium director in their area to obtain application guidelines and materials and be prepared to:
  1. submit a written report (e.g. abstract and/or paper) of the original research investigation for review by a regional panel of judges;
  2. submit a "Statement on Outside Assistance," reporting on the student's independent contributions to the research problem, and reporting that proper procedures and protocols were followed in the conduct of research involving vertebrate animals or human subjects;
  3. deliver a concise oral presentation to the symposium;complete registration and/or application materials;
  4. comply with regional and national rules and policies that apply to the preparation of the written reports and the oral presentations.

The written and oral reports should present the results of original research carried out by the student. Students are encouraged to obtain assistance from teachers, mentors, parents, or other students. How can students best demonstrate original work? Through oral and written research presentations made at JSHS, students report on their unique, innovative, and creative contributions to the research problem and their approach to undertaking the investigation. Students must also demonstrate their understanding of the scientific principles underlying the research problem.

To request application materials, or to find out how your school may participate, please contact the director of the regional symposium in your area.


Teachers and Administrators who are interested in helping their schools become involved in JSHS should contact their local region for information on the regional competition. For information on the national competition, teachers may contact the JSHS national office.


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